Native Glame is created to accompany the Pyari project in the protection of children in the Bengal region, India.

Did you know that the life of a girl slave in India costs 570 dollars?

The Pyari project fights every day to end child trafficking, sexual exploitation, forced labour and early marriage in rural and urban Bengal.

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Child trafficking is the second most common illegal trade after arms trafficking.

PYARI provides children with protection, information, education, food and access to health services. It’s an NGO that works every day so that these boys and girls can grow up in freedom, with equal rights and gender, regardless of their caste or religion.

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Each garment helps finance the Pyari project

A percentage of the sale price of each garment in our collection is earmarked to fund the Pyari project. That’s why when you decide to choose a Native Glame garment for your wardrobe, you’re choosing to collaborate with a charity project that is spreading the word for all the women and girls who can’t do it by themselves.

And that’s what magic is about: feeling empathy for the world around us.

Since its creation,
Pyari has helped


980 victims of child trafficking receive aid.
652 pregnant women improve their poverty status.
820 children from 0 to 2 years old get access to healthcare.
1.352 village children receive protection.
292 girls attend school.